Our Spa Area

Your Cinq Mondes Spa in Isère, Rhône-Alpes. 

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The Château’s Spa, a well-being bubble for an exquisitely relaxing time.

Grand opening Saturday, January 18 , 2020.

We offer an incomparable experience of sensorial relaxation for a moment of relief.
Our Spa provides you with a “Well-Being Center” which includes an hammam (steam room), a sauna, a sensorial shower, a rest area with our Himalayan salt wall and tea corner.

In addition, the Spa is composed of a double massage cabin. We partner with Cinq Mondes and Biovive to provide you with environment-friendly, high quality care.

At Château de Chapeau Cornu we also innovate in both relaxation methods and ecological means. In fact, since February 14 , 2020, we are the very first spa in France to possess a Glowzen Room, a relaxation room enlightened by bioluminescence.

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Our Well-Being Center

The Château’s Spa offers a well-being cocoon where you can relax and boost your health thanks to the benefits of each of our modules:

  • The Hammam eliminates toxins, improves blood circulation, and clears out the respiratory system. It will help you release stress and accumulated tensions.

  • The Sauna stimulates blood circulation and allows for rapid muscle relief after a sport session, it also decreases joint stiffness and boosts your immune defense system. It purifies your organism through the elimination of toxins and improves the elasticity of your skin. It also reduces stress.

  • The Scandinavian Bucket: like the sauna, it prevents flu, seasonal sickness, and infections thanks to the improvement of immune defense system.

  • The Sensorial Shower awakens all senses through its different therapies: hydrotherapy, chromotherapy, phototherapy, musicotherapy and aromatherapy. This is ideal for a full relaxation session.

  • The Himalayan Salt Wall allows for greater relaxation (antistress, antifatigue, nervosity, insomnia), it has notable benefits for the pulmonary system. It is particularly recommended for those suffering with asthma, sinusitis, laryngitis, chronic bronchitis, but also for treating allergies and for the beauty of the skin (diminishing skin issues such as eczema, psoriasis). 45 minutes near the salt wall will have the same effect on your body than a weekend by the sea. It reinforces immunity and improves digestive and vascular issues.

    Our well-being center offers a tea corner.
    2 hour-access to the Well-Being Center: 35€/person

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The massage cabin

Enjoy a massage or a face or body care in a serenity bubble within the Château. Our experimented practitioner allow you to discover the Cinq Mondes and Biovive rituals adapted to your desires and sought-after vertues. 

Discover the list of the cares we offer at the Spa.

Discover the list of Cinq Mondes and Biovive cares and massage rituals:

We also provide you with the services of our dietician and sophrologist Clémence: Dietician consultations (1h):
First session for a nutritional evaluation: 50€

Follow-up session: 30€
Sophrologist sessions (1h):
First session (with a specific objective) : 50€ Follow-up sessions: 40€


Cinq Mondes provides deep regeneration of your body and mind through cares and products inspired by beauty rituals from all around the world. Respecting the concept of Diététique de la Peau® (skin dietics), Cinq Mondes laboratories select the best patented active vegetables and are dedicated to an effective, natural, and sensorial approach.

The strength of Cinq Mondes takes its roots in the rigor and excellence from the training of expert practitioners who perform care according to a unique manual method: the Dermapuncture®.


Biovive creates organic beauty products, Cosmos Organic and Vegan certified, which take care of both the skin and nature. 99% to 100% of ingredients used in our formulas are of natural origin.
Their phytoactive formulas emphasize regenerating forces of a patented complex of 3 fruit tree-buds (fig, peach, cherry) collected in France.